Tom Wood Volkswagen Desking Testimonial

David Lowe is the general sales manager at Tom Wood Volkswagen.

“We use Desking on every single deal that we do. We don’t even quote a deal over the phone without creating a deal in Desking. We went from the bottom of the group to second in the group. Even in the down years when a lot of the dealerships were really suffering and losing profits, our profits stayed strong. In fact, we tracked in about $600 since we used Desking.

“Obviously Desking alone isn’t the answer. You have to have solid salesmen, solid sales process, [and] solid sales management. But using those and the Desking tool will definitely improve your profitability because it gives you a process-driven way. Every deal is penciled the same way from the beginning, so you know you are starting deals in a systematic way. Every deal is negotiated the same way. And so by doing that — over and over and over — the salesmen become very good at it, very comfortable with it, and the end result is more profit per deal.

“Implementing the Desking process is extremely easy because we’re already doing it in one manner of speaking. You might be doing it on calculators or using the old [ERA] blue screens. So, you’re already doing those processes. Desking just takes those processes and makes them very streamlined and efficient.

“Desking has a lot of great features. Some that we love to use — like the Roll Payments. The Roll To is a very easy function to use in Desking and will quickly get your sales manager the answers that he wants.

“Using the multiple scenarios, we can compare multiple options — payment terms, leases — so we can find the scenario that works best for our customer and, quite frankly, best for us.

“Desking also makes presenting some of our aftermarket products up front very easy and transparent for the customer. We really believe that the Desking tool is helping us develop the bank of loyal lifetime customers that we want to return again and again. Everything is just very transparent. They see exactly what they’re doing and they understand what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. So they don’t wake up three months from now going, ‘What did I do?’ They know they made a great decision based on the information. So the speed of what Desking allows us to offer a customer is choices and really it’s my favorite feature.

“The Desking tool will definitely make your job easier. But before it will actually work for you, you really have to put the thinking tools and training in place. By putting all of those pieces of the puzzle together we’ve achieved great results. The Desking tool makes putting all those pieces of the puzzle that much easier.”

For more information on Desking, call 800.767.7879.