Terry Lee Hyundai Contact Management Testimonial

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Terry Lee is the dealer principal of Terry Lee Hyundai in Noblesville, IN.

“Reynolds gives us the ability to make sure we’re getting back in touch with every customer on a consistent basis. It gives us access to information that we can share with the customer.

“Salespeople have really bought into Contact Management because of its ease of use. When they can use it and they see the results, they’re excited about it.

“It’s not just a software system, it’s part of our lives. It really is a fantastic system. And I’m not just saying that. I’m saying it from experience.”

Julie Janssen is the internet manager of Terry Lee Hyundai.

“Contact Management has been very easy for our sales team and our managers to understand and to use. We’re knowledgeable when we’re talking to the customer. Any one of us can look up a customer and know everything about their relationship with us at the dealership. I don’t know any other system that does that.

“For our sales team to be able to see the service information in Contact Management has been a real eye-opener for them. Because you’ll have a customer that has done every bit of service on their car. That really helps build value in their trade. And it’s all because Contact Management, Reynolds, it’s all one system.

“Salespeople can carry their phone or their tablet. It has saved us so much time.

“Our retention numbers have gone up about ten percent, our service department has grown 30 percent, our internet closing rate has gone up five to ten percent.”