Suski Chevrolet Buick CRM Consulting Testimonial

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After our DigiSales™ installation, we had a Reynolds consultant come to our dealership to help with training. Even though he was here specifically for DigiSales, he helped out with so much more.

When he first approached me I was really standoffish because DigiSales isn’t something I use in my day-to-day. I helped him get where he needed to go, but I really didn’t think he could help me. As soon as he mentioned Contact Management, I just started rattling off a bunch of questions I had. He was fantastic with me. He took the time to explain things and show me the solutions to some of the challenges I was having. He didn’t rush through anything and simplified everything so well. After that, I asked him to talk to other people in our dealership. He listened and offered solutions to everyone.

Our Reynolds consultant was extremely receptive to questions, explained everything in a simple manner, and worked with my team to make sure they understood fully. We have a bunch of guys here who don’t adapt to change well. The second you try to introduce anything new to them, they shut down. The fact that our Reynolds consultant was able to get them to use DigiSales during his visit, and continue using it to its fullest now, is amazing. I’m honestly very impressed.

Having consulting has made everyone more comfortable and successful in their roles. We went for a few years without a consultation and frankly, we were wasting money. We weren’t using the tools to the best of our ability and every single person in the dealership had questions but never sought out answers. The second we had a Reynolds consultant here, we were able to ask questions and have them answered. We were able to have bad processes and services evaluated. If you aren’t using the products to their fullest, you need Reynolds Consulting Services. It’s that simple.

Our general manager signed up to have our consultant come back for additional training sessions and I’m absolutely thrilled. He’ll continue to help us and we’ll continue to improve as a result.

Melissa Franklin
Business Development Manager/Internet Manager
Suski Chevrolet Buick
Birch Run, Michigan