San Francisco Toyota docuPAD® System Testimonial

Bobby Kumparak is the finance director at San Francisco Toyota.

“Paper storage is a massive burden. One of the biggest problems that happens is around tax time. Everybody misplaces their paperwork, and everybody wants a copy of their contract. When you have your documents stored offsite, it takes days if not a week to get that information back to them, which is not something people are used to in today’s world.

“If I have done it on docuPAD, it allows me to have it at my fingertips and email it to them in a matter of minutes.

“docuPAD has certainly made the process far more efficient, but more importantly it has changed the customers’ perception. Many of our customers feel that it is far more like the experience that you would get when going into an Apple store or on Amazon where you shop at your leisure, gain information without the push and pull of the traditional F&I process.

“Every aspect of the transaction, whether it be the compliance and accountability standards, the transparency and engagement that you receive in terms of the perception of the customer, to the efficiency of processing and executing documents — there really isn’t an aspect of the F&I process that suffers in any way shape or form once you’ve made that investment to transition to docuPAD.

“It would be very hard for myself or for any of my business managers to go back to a traditional F&I process after having seen through the looking glass of what you can do with docuPAD.

“I felt that there may be a little resistance for those who were already experiencing success with the traditional method and already having a process that they are so engrained in, but quite frankly the technology was so easy to really embrace that they were able to do more with those tools.

“When the customer is having a better time, you’re having a better interaction. The conversations are at a higher level so it’s a much more positive, less confrontational, and much less guarded experience on everybody’s behalf.

“Doing F&I without a docuPAD is like flying a kite. Doing this is like flying an F-18.”

Doug Donnellan is the vice president at San Francisco Toyota.

“We’re running about $220 a car ahead of this same time last year without docuPAD. docuPAD’s been a very good product for us. It increased our customer comfort level, it’s increased our dollar per car, and the best part is it seems pretty bullet proof. We have not had any problems with it.”