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Accepting payments in service is often taken for granted but is a critical step in creating a memorable customer experience.

How can ReyPAY® help you deliver that memorable customer experience while also increasing the efficiency of your employees?

It all starts with the advisor when he pulls up the customer’s repair order and invoices it. The advisor then simply double clicks the blanks to fill in the credit card information automatically, eliminating costly transposition errors.

Next, the advisor has the opportunity to ask the customer if she would like to use the credit card on file or use a new one. If the customer elects to use a different card, she can swipe or insert it into an EMV compliant terminal.

The advisor doesn’t have to handle the customer’s card or key in credit card numbers manually. The encrypted card information is then displayed on screen and the advisor can click Make Payment, click Update, and close the repair order.

But customers don’t have to be at the dealership to make a payment. They can pay online. Once work is complete on a vehicle, the technician alerts the advisor so he can pull up the repair order, invoice it, and send the customer an email.

Once the customer receives the email, he can click Pay Now to view a copy of his invoice and to make a payment online. To speed up the process, the customer can pay with a card on file.

After clicking Make Payment, the customer receives a confirmation immediately on screen and a separate email from the dealership letting him know payment has been received.

Fast forward a few hours to the customer arriving at the dealership to pick up his car. The advisor can pull up the repair order and see it was paid online. He can then ask the customer if he’d like his receipt emailed to him and have the customer sign for the services completed.

At the end of the day, reconciliation is a breeze. Transaction data from each payment terminal feeds a single online report, saving you time. All you have to do is make sure the dollar amounts on your report match what is in your accounting system.

It’s time to let customers pay the way they live their lives, with ReyPAY payment processing.

(In partnership with OpenEdge, a division of Global Payments.)