Jack Bowker Ford Lincoln Consulting Testimonial

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For some time, I’ve viewed our BDC as a very capable department seeking to reach its full potential. I’ve always felt if we could strengthen our BDC, it would ultimately lead to us making more money.

When Reynolds Consulting Services installed Contact Management at our dealership, it helped us open the door to a stronger BDC. The consultant who visited our dealership worked hard to help us set up better processes, especially in our internet department.

Our consultant showed us how to set up the best schedules to complement our specific strategies and goals. Now, our salespeople are equipped with a clear and concise guide that has streamlined the way they enter prospects, follow up with them, and pursue new clients.

I appreciate our Reynolds consultant because he went beyond simply setting up the schedules; he took time to make sure our salespeople were ready to start using the new schedules in their daily routines.

The advanced reports the Reynolds consultant helped set up in Contact Management allows leadership to track the progress of our sales staff. We’re now able to hold everyone at our dealership accountable when it comes to completing activities.

Lastly, I must mention the consultant’s dedication to creating a more efficient internet process in our BDC. Now, we’re ready for more internet traffic. We have the tools necessary for emailing a large number of customers, responding to all clients quickly, and even selling internet deals.

Thank you, Reynolds Consulting Services, for the work you’ve done with us and for your continued support!

Felecia Cowan
Jack Bowker Ford Lincoln
Ponca City, Oklahoma