Hulett Chevrolet Buick GMC Consulting Testimonial

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Our dealership didn’t have a CRM of any sort for a long period of time. We realized a change was necessary after receiving a score of seven out of 100 on the BDC portion of GM’s Standards for Excellence (SFE) program.

The biggest reason for our low BDC score: we lacked a solid process for lead collection and follow up. When leads arrived, they tended to “disappear” before anyone took action.

Hoping to dramatically improve this mark, we decided to add Reynolds Contact Management to our business. We knew Contact Management was a powerful solution. But when you go from no CRM to suddenly having one, we knew we would need help getting things up and running. Fortunately, the Reynolds consultant in charge of the implementation process made sure we were set up for success.

To help us with leads “disappearing,” our consultant from Reynolds set up processes to use in conjunction with Contact Management. These processes assure better follow up on all leads, real-time monitoring of appointments, and the ability to track activity results. The Reynolds consultant worked with our sales staff one-on-one to make sure we not only knew how to use our new system, but also explained how it would allow us to hit our sales and SFE goals.

Perhaps most importantly, our consultant coached us on how to use Contact Management to improve our entire dealership. He was very thorough but he also encouraged questions if we didn’t understand something. Now, we’re headed toward our goal of higher SFE scores in the BDC as well as other areas of our dealership.

Shane Morgan
BDC Manager
Hulett Chevrolet Buick GMC
Camdenton, Missouri