DigiSales™ - Bryan Honda Testimonial

Tim Roussell is the general manager of Bryan Honda in Fayetteville, NC. 

Part of the beauty of DigiSales is it’s on the go. You can search inventory from your cell phone, you can search our database and put information in. Saves a lot of time, saves a lot of energy for salespeople and managers.

When a customer comes in here, they’re on our desk log and now they’re a working customer on the dealership property. It’s real-time. There’s a chronological order of every single step that’s been taken to get the customer to the dealership. From the BDC contact, to the sales manager contact, to the automated emails, the automated phone calls – it’s very simplified now.

The biggest thing I can attribute to the increase in business is the efficiency of the dealership. The communication between departments, between the consumer and the dealership is invaluable. And when you can take the time that it takes to do business and shorten it and you can make it easier for the consumer, naturally your profits go up, naturally your volume goes up.

Today it’s all proactive. That’s the biggest difference. You’re ready for the customer.