Day in the Life at Naked Lime

Jared is a Naked Lime team member.

“The name of the company is Naked Lime, which is pretty unique and so it always raises eyebrows. The slogan that we have is, ‘It’s marketing with a twist.’ We try to do things differently and uniquely.

“It brings them in and it makes them a part of the team. It’s not just teaching them what they need to know, it’s making them part of the tight-knit group that we have.”

Crystal is another Naked Lime team member:

“You know that email that you get from your car dealers reminding you that you need to get it serviced? That’s me. I’m making sure that it’s correct before it gets to you.

“So there’s a sense of pride that comes in knowing that you work with the best, and you’re part of the best.”

Mike also works as a Naked Lime team member:

“Whether that’s email, direct mail, social media, website management, paid search. You name it, we do it.

“The mentor program helps others success by laying down the foundation to growing into a leadership position at the company.

“I never really had a job before where I hung out with a lot of people outside of work, but this place definitely establishes that kind of camaraderie.

“Every month we have a Meritorious Performance Award. Along with the nice plaque and some recognition from management, you also get a little check. I say little, but it’s a pretty sizable amount. So, you’re definitely recognized for your accomplishments.

“Just in the time that I’ve been here, I’ve seen this company evolve and continue grow. So, the sky is the limit.”

Daniel is a Naked Lime team member:

“We really try to help them make an impact in developing their brand, putting it out in front of people and making sure that we’re very hands-on with them through the entire process.

“The opportunities at Naked Lime are pretty much endless.”