Colorado Off Road AddOnAuto Accessory Studio Testimonial

Accessory Studio addonauto studio AddOnAuto Accessory Studio colorado off road accessory studio testimonial

Jerry Jones is the owner and operator of Colorado Off Road in Littleton, CO.

“Before we had Accessory Studio we would get a customer in and either show them a catalog or a display on the showroom floor. If it was a large display like a working Tonneau cover it helped. But if you were dealing with sidebars or running boards — no, it wasn’t a perfect solution because we couldn’t show what it looked like on the vehicle. With the Accessory Studio we were able to do that.”

“People start playing with it and it gets them thinking about things they wouldn’t ever have thought of. It’s better that they do that and us not ask a single question, then they are not feeling pressured. The best thing is it’s going to increase sales because once they see that product going on their vehicle they’re more likely to buy.”

“Since we implemented Accessory Studio, our sales have now increased to about $1000 a ticket. It’s the perfect silent salesman and I like the fact that it doesn’t take a lot of space. It’s going to help you sell and finish the sale.”