Champion Chevrolet Testimonial

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Tim Roberts is a dealer partner at Champion Chevrolet. 

“Before ReverseRisk®, we were using a lot of Google docs. Everybody was doing something different. ReverseRisk allows you to look at your cash in your store. It allows you to look at all your assets in the store. It allows you to look at your risk within the store as well. What it really did was open our eyes to what was going on within our dealerships. So it’s really made it an efficient process for us.

“Before when you did a forecast, you’d base it on sales and service numbers, front-end and back-end gross with your F&I and that was it. ReverseRisk now allows you to combine your expenses in there as well, which is a huge portion in the dealership today. Contracts in transit have gone from nine days to two days and have saved us about $40,000 a month.

“ReverseRisk definitely drives accountability. People don’t change their behaviors. You have to change, proactively, their behavior for them. Implementing a tool like ReverseRisk makes them more accountable. It’s completely transparent; it allows us to communicate with them on a basis that they understand as well.

“I’ve seen all the tools, everything out there. We’ve tried several tools before. It is the most simplistic reporting and absolutely accountability tool that you’ll ever have in your store.”

Mike Mills is the general sales manager at Champion Chevrolet.

“Probably what struck me right away was the fact that there is absolutely information now that I have access to that I couldn’t have compiled before. At least not in any sort of timely manner. It’s a lot like having a twenty-group report, every single day when you come in that you can look at. Everyone sees the same information and the communication is much more transparent.

“If the finance department has checked on a contract and put the status into the system, it alerts the office to what the status is and the ownership and all the managers can see that information.

“Each salesperson can see exactly where they stand every single day. It’s an easy, automatic way to motivate the sales staff.”