Bryan Honda AddOnAuto Video

Tim Roussell is the general manager at Bryan Honda in Fayetteville, NC. 

"When you’re pre-loading items and you’re selling to customers that really don’t want them, you’re really just discounting the car and pretending that you sold the accessories. AddOnAuto is unique situation where the consumer can see the actual product on their vehicle. It can tell you how much it’s going to extend your payment, if the part’s in stock, if we can have it done before you leave.

"Just the Cracker Barrel theory, you know, when they’re waiting, they’re shopping and so a consumer naturally knows they’re going to wait before going in finance. It’s a good way of filling in some of that downtime.

"I’ve been able to dial into what sells best. I know for a fact window tint is very popular here. I took window tinting which I used to send out to the tune of over $200,000 per year and I’ve now moved it in-house. We’re on an average of about $375 per vehicle retail. Most times we make more on AddOnAuto than we make on the actual car deal."

Brian Martin is the finance director at Bryan Honda in Fayetteville, NC.

"You put tint on the windows.  You put cross bars on the automobile. You’re going to protect that.  You don’t want to not have coverage on the warranty. That opens that customer’s mind that they want to be protected overall.

"When I see a customer buy products in AddOnAuto, the likelihood of them buying products in finance is very strong because the customer’s open.  That’s a customer that you just welcome. You open arms. (Chuckles) Come on in."