Are You Getting Shown Up by the Pizza Guys?

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Getting shown up by the pizza guys?

Let’s compare these two scenarios — a customer calling into a pizza place and a customer calling into a car dealership.

It takes all of four seconds for the pizza place to identify that Mr. Smith is calling and greet him by name. They can see that the last time he called, he ordered a large pizza with extra cheese, so they ask if he wants the same this time. He also asked for delivery last time and wants to do it again this time. Since they kept his address, they get all they need to know in less than 20 seconds and set off to make his pizza.

At the dealership, however, the conversation sounds a bit more like this:

The receptionist answers the phone and the customer says he’d like to schedule a service appointment. She places the customer on hold while she transfers him to service.

Twenty seconds after the initial call, the service advisor picks up the phone.

“Service, this is Jeff. How may I assist you?

“Hi Mr. Smith. Yeah, I am definitely the right person to talk to about scheduling a service appointment.

“Yeah, let me go ahead and I’ll pull up the screen where I can do that. Let me find you in our system. You said your name was Smith?

“What’s your first name, it looks like we’ve got a lot of Smiths in here.

“Your first name is John Smith? Yeah, that doesn’t help much either, we’ve got several John Smiths it looks like.

“Yeah I bet you do hear that a lot. It’s kind of a common name.

“Are you on Elm Street or Dixie or Sunset? None of those. OK.

“Have you been to our store before?

“Oh, you’ve been lots of times. Bought your last couple cars here, huh? OK, well let me see. Let me go ahead and actually enter you into the system, then, just to make sure.

“Your name’s ‘John Smith.’

“Oh, that’s J-O-N? Oh, well that makes a difference! I’m sorry, let me go ahead and get back to where I can search for you, then.

“You said your name was Jon Smith. J-O-N Smith.

“OK, yeah. That makes a difference. I’ve got still a couple of those. Are you on Main Street or are you on North Avenue?

“You’re on North Avenue. OK, good. Well that makes sense.”

It took one minute and 44 seconds for Jeff to ID the customer. It only took the pizza place four seconds. Is this the kind of service your customers receive? Change it with Reynolds Integrated Telephone System!