Why Dealers Love ERA-IGNITE Reporting

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Lesha Wood, Software Support Director at John Eagle Dealerships, has had great experiences with ERA-IGNITE reporting:

“ERA-IGNITE Dashboards are extremely easy. The time savings of being able to diagnose an issue, diagnose a problem, has helped out in the efficiency of all of the reporting.

“Using Retail Management Intelligence has really made it so much easier to turn around and do our reporting in one stop. Being able to see what’s in the DOC account has been amazing. Not having to go to multiple screens, one click... I literally would take three or four days to do a DOC. Yesterday, I did a DOC in a day.

“Instead of having to go to multiple screens in Reynolds, you’re able to do it all in one point. Using Retail Management Intelligence has really turned around and made it so much easier to do our reporting in one stop.”

Joe Laham, President of Premier Companies, says:

“Reynolds Dashboards are so easy to use. And drilldowns! Click and drill, click and drill, it’s so simple. All the information you need is right there. You don’t have to run reports. You can just look at it on your screen.”

Dave Cannon, General Manager of CrossRoads Nissan Wake Forest, adds: 

“When I go into IGNITE, I have it saved as a favorite. So if I want to know what my used car inventory is, I just open up IGNITE, I click down to the Retail Management, and click the button and it’s there. And it prints.”

Doug Donnellan, Vice President of San Francisco Toyota, also adds: 

“IGNITE Reporting, I believe the best advantage is just the time savings. There is some accountability. I can ask questions easier and faster. I can identify areas that may need to be worked on. At the end of the day, it’s just time.”