A Redefined CRM Coupled with a Predictive Analytics Engine

Prepare salespeople for every customer by leveraging CRM and DMS data. The predictive analytics engine pinpoints the hottest leads, and they're automatically prioritized for salespeople in the CRM based on buying likelihood.

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Capture Every Opportunity

  • Acquire high quality, in-demand trade-ins through campaign targeting to maximize your return on each piece of new inventory.
  • Capture every lead with real-time notifications and automated activity creation from scheduled appointments, phone calls, and walk-ins from the sales and service departments.
  • Identify customers likely to upgrade their vehicle using demographic, behavioral, and transactional data.
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Effectively Work Every Sale

  • Manage the sales process as it happens with instant access to customer information, guided sales steps, and talking points.
  • Work hot leads directly in the app and desktop with a detailed Lead Sheet.
FOCUS desktop report

Close Every Deal

  • Retain customers and their trade-ins by leading them into the sales funnel sooner through automated marketing efforts.
  • Close more deals with automatic prioritization of prospects and tasks based on customers’ likelihood to buy.
  • Oversee the sales floor and step in when salespeople need assistance with live sales tracking and alerts.  

If you’re experiencing lost opportunities, low sales, subpar used inventory mix, or poor customer retention or service, a redefined CRM coupled with a predictive analytics engine can help you take a proactive approach to selling vehicles, bringing in quality trade-ins, and managing customer relationships.

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