docuPAD® eContracting

Fund Deals Digitally and Accurately

docuPAD eContracting is a transformational process that allows your dealership to spend less time dealing with F&I issues during a customer’s purchase, get funded faster, and make fewer errors. After completing a deal electronically on the docuPAD system, one digital package can be sent to lenders for funding. 

By transforming long paper contracts into a series of electronic forms, you can improve:

  • Speed: Cut down contract transit time from days to hours – or even minutes.
  • Compliance: Automatically alert your F&I staff if a signature has been missed before closing the deal.
  • Customer Experience: Prevent customers from having to return to the dealership due to a missed signature or human error.
  • Lender Satisfaction:. Satisfy lenders' preference to receive deals digitally by sending them one complete, electronic package.

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"We can get a contract cashed in four hours or less."

Andrews Cadillac was struggling with their traditional contracting process. There were stacks of deals everywhere. They were snail mailing deals to lenders. It would take a week to get cashed and all they could do was wait. Not to mention, once the deal came back, they had to store it all on site. Check out the video to see how docuPAD eContracting transformed their dealership. 

Andrews Cadillac docuPAD® eContracting Testimonial Video