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Meet eApproval


Turning the upsell process into an easy buying experience for the customer while helping advisors focus on the customers in your store.

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Let us show you what eApproval can do


eApproval at a Glance

  • Help keep advisors off the phones by sending recommendations electronically. 
  • Show customers a professional-looking website to view their report card.
  • Record approved and declined jobs in the DMS automatically for easy follow-up. 
  • Keep advisors in control of what work was approved or declined. 
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Get customers to buy additional services:

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Provide customers comprehensive knowledge on their vehicle’s health.

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Improve transparency with repair descriptions.

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Send recommendations to a mobile device.

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Increase urgency with promised times that depend on approval speed.

Give your customers the transparency and timeliness they expect while keeping advisors in control. 

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