Not Just a DMS Company Anymore


Automotive retailing has radically changed due to consumer expectations — and dealers must adapt. Reynolds has recognized these consumer demands and built a Retail Management System from the ground up. Your DMS, CRM, service write-up and F&I tools — all your systems — work as one, helping you be more efficient and profitable while also improving your customer experience.

Reynolds Retail Management System allows you to discard old processes, both automated and manual, and creates entirely new digital processes. It allows for a legitimate promise time on a vehicle, with recommended services, to be generated before the first call from the customer is even answered. 

This technological approach is only possible with a system built as one, allowing unique customer data to be shared seamlessly across all solutions.

"When we weighed everything carefully, Reynolds won out pretty handedly."

San Francisco Toyota understands the evolving retail environment. Consumers expectations are significantly elevated and their needs are moving online. 

Vice President Doug Donnellan went all in with Reynolds to move in that direction. From the service write-up to signing documents in F&I, the Retail Management was the best choice for his business. Watch his story. 


San Francisco Toyota's Retail Management System Results

docuPAD System

"We have experienced a consistent $400-500 lift since installing the docuPAD® system."


"Reynolds takes our customers to a whole new digital experience. Everything ties together."

Man performing vehicle inspection using a tablet.

"We're sixth in volume of repair orders, but we're number one in customer pay labor."

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