We want to hear about the contributions that are pushing this industry forward.

If you’ve applied a new or unique best practice at your dealership, we want to hear about it. And we want to share it with the automotive community.

How It Works
Nine finalists will be selected to present their ideas at Reynolds Retail Summit: Amplify 2024, with judges selecting three winners to take home the trophy.

What’s in it for you?

The goal of this contest is to share innovations and best practices throughout the automotive community. The only way we get better is if we learn from one another!

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Nine finalists (three per category) will receive a VIP ticket to Reynolds Retail Summit: Amplify 2024. This includes flight, accommodations, meals, golf, and full access to all Summit sessions. At the event, finalists will present their idea to attendees and a panel of industry judges in a short, five-minute presentation.

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Winners of the contest will receive a $5,000 donation to the charity of their choice, plus a trophy to display at their dealership!

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All contributors will be featured in the Amplify Automotive magazine. You’ll also be given the opportunity to share your ideas and the impact they’ve had through our newsletter and podcasts.

Small Contributions, Big Impact

See some other dealerships’ best practices in action:
Voss Chevrolet

Voss Chevrolet has many techs on staff, and four of them are even certified as world class. In the past five years, they’ve retained all but two of their technicians. How do they do it?

Tim Whalen, their service manager, started an apprenticeship program that:

  •  Helps students through their high school and college technician programs.
  •  Provides them the tools they need to get started.
  •  Instills the mindset that there’s always something new to learn.

Hear more about Tim and Voss Chevrolet’s program

Meet the Judges

Paul J Daly - Founder/CEO, ASOTU

Paul J Daly | Founder and CEO, ASOTU

Paul J Daly has been a part of the automotive industry for 20 years. From his first startup to writing his NADA Dealer Academy trusted book "The Automotive Manifesto," his career displays a commitment to the industry that borders obsession. When the Covid-19 pandemic began, Paul conceptualized the first Automotive State of the Union live stream event. From there, ASOTU became the only dealer-owned media publisher, from which Paul works to unite all levels of retail automotive to fully realize its impact and potential in team members' lives, our communities, and our nation.

Kyle Mountsier - Partner / COO, ASOTU

Kyle Mountsier | Partner and COO, ASOTU

Kyle Mountsier has been in the automotive industry since 2009, with more than a decade on the dealership front lines. His unique ability to connect people and processes makes him a trusted advisor among dealer principals, GMs, marketing directors, and auto industry vendors. Through his work as partner and COO at ASOTU and founder at Auto Genius, he has taught thousands through workshops and keynotes at national automotive conferences.

Tim Whalen - Service Manager, Voss Auto

Tim Whalen | Service Manager, Voss Chevrolet

Tim has been in the automotive industry for over 40 years. Having spent significant time in both sales and fixed operations, he possesses a unique skillset that’s allowed him to succeed in roles such as Sales Manager, Fixed Operations Director, and General Manager. While the majority Tim's career has been spent in the Washington DC market, he has been the Service Manager at Voss Auto Network in Dayton, Ohio for the last 9 years. During his career, Tim has maintained a strong emphasis on employee development and retention. His teams always perform at a high level while enjoying an incredibly low turnover rate. 

Reynolds Retail Summit Amplify 2024

Registration for the Reynolds Retail Summit: Amplify 2024 is now open! Finalists will be presenting their ideas at this event, but all participants are welcome to attend. 

Learn more about the event and register now by clicking the link below.