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Reynolds Announces Graco as a Certified Interface Vendor

DAYTON, Ohio  — 

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, a leading provider of software and services to automotive retailers, announced today the certification of Graco as a Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI) vendor for the ERA® dealership management system (DMS). As an RCI partner, Graco and its customers benefit from a highly efficient and seamless exchange of information in a secure interface that is fully supported by Reynolds.

Graco, a leader in fluid handling systems and vehicle lubrication, is pleased to be partnering with Reynolds to better serve its dealer customers. “The fact that our Matrix™ system can now easily interface with the ERA DMS directly impacts our customers’ bottom line,” explains Allan Brus, product marketing manager for Graco. Through the new certified interface, Graco’s system can automatically record service shop fluid dispense information to ERA, providing dispense history for invoicing, reporting and ongoing inventory management. Because technicians no longer need to walk to the parts room and wait for dispense authorization, dealers will dramatically increase their productivity. “It’s important to us that data transfers between the DMS and our system are reliable,” says Brus. “Being a certified partner ensures that reliability for our customers. And unlike hostile interfaces, this data interface is completely supported by both Graco and Reynolds.”

The RCI program maintains the delicate balance between data security and data accessibility. Reynolds supports RCI vendors with technical assistance and enhancement updates, which keep the flow of information consistent between the vendor and the Reynolds DMS systems. In turn, dealers are assured that they control what information is accessed by third parties and that those third parties can work with their DMS without damaging the system. Dealers who choose RCI vendors also enjoy peace of mind knowing that certified vendors have proper safeguards in place, keeping valuable data safe and secure.

“As a partner with dealers at the point of data access, Reynolds minimizes the risk of consumer and dealer data being compromised,” states Trey Hiers, vice president of Corporate Marketing at Reynolds and Reynolds. “This not only protects dealers, but also protects every car buyer who has entrusted those dealers with very personal, sensitive information. Graco’s certification is further evidence of the success of this fast-growing program. With strong vendors like Graco, we are confirming our commitment to support the dealer with secure and advanced data transfer capabilities.”

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