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Virtual Customer Care Center

Gain higher satisfaction, sales, and repeat service by using a professional, virtual call center to make timely and relevant contact with your customers.

The Virtual Customer Care Center is planned and implemented by Reynolds Consultants and engineered for the way you do business:
  • Developing processes for your dealership with the help of our on-site implementation experts.
  • Demonstrating and teaching best practices for showroom data collection, showed appointments, customer issue resolution, setting first and next service appointments, save-a-deal processes and more – all tailored to your call types and processes in your dealership.
  • Assisting you during planning stages and in-dealership when call services start, helping you every step of the way.
Reynolds Consulting Services

In addition to Virtual Customer Care Center implementations, Reynolds Consulting Services brings a fresh perspective to a wide variety of common challenges, regardless of DMS, CRM tool, or website provider. Reynolds Consultants help dealerships optimize resources, practices, and tools for maximum results.

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