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Appraise Vehicles at a Glance

Compare to the Market

Review Side-by-Side Book Values

Appraise Vehicles Anywhere, Anytime

Seamless Information Transfer

More Information

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  • Appraisal Worksheet

    Place your mouse over the hot spots for more information.
    Access vehicle history reports from AutoCheck or Carfax.
    AutoCheck information saves with the deal.
    Decide to retail or wholesale based off your dealership’s sales history recommendation.
    Partner with the new car manager to create a holistic deal.
    Send the final ACV to the desk manager instantly.
    • View everything you need on a single screen.
    • See enterprise and single store buy/sell recommendations and access details in one click.
  • Market Based Pricing

    Place your mouse over the hot spots for more information.
    Click through to vehicle websites to see photos and details.
    See how your vehicle is ranked against similar ones in the market.
    View your projected gross based on your current appraisal information.
    • Compare your vehicle to others in the market.
    • See price and age differences.
    • Access this data from a smartphone or tablet with the Mobile UVM application.
  • Vehicle BookOut

    Place your mouse over the hot spots for more information.
    View up to three books side-by-side for easy comparison.
    • Four books: Kelley Blue Book®, Black Book®, NADA® Guide Book, and Galves Auto Price List.
    • Print Appraisal and BookOut sheets that fit your dealership’s needs.
    • All books are available in the mobile application, Mobile UVM.
  • Mobile UVM Appraisal Summary

    Place your mouse over the hot spots for more information.
    View the same single store and enterprise recommendation based on dealership sales history.
    A 7 step process you can customize to your dealership’s process.
    Select "Finalize" and the ACV is automatically sent to Desking, just like the PC version.
    • You can now do an entire appraisal without ever sitting down at your computer.
    • Do quick bookouts or access auction run lists while at auction.
    • All data comes from your DMS and is saved to your DMS—not on the phone.
  • Appraisal Queue and Photos

    Place your mouse over the hot spots for more information.
    All new appraisals from Contact Management.
    All started but not finalized appraisals.
    Direct communication between Desking and UVM for ACV adjustments.
    Take photos directly from the mobile app or upload them from the camera roll.
    • Instantly access new appraisals if you have Reynolds Contact Management and/or Desking, and receive automatic alerts.
    • Scan the vehicle’s VIN to get started on any action.
    • Switch between your phone, tablet, or PC at any time during the process.
  • Used Vehicle Management and Mobile UVM

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