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[Used Vehicle Management] is more streamlined which means fewer key strokes, fewer errors and time-savings. :: Harry Leachman Motors: Bowling Green, KY

I like the recommendations it gives me. The more information I have the better decisions I can make.

Why did you start shopping for a system to manage your used vehicles?

We were using AAX and it didnít integrate with our DMS very well. We had to go in and out of applications all the time.

Why did you choose Used Vehicle Management from Reynolds?

It is more streamlined which means fewer key strokes, fewer errors, and time savings.

What do you like about Used Vehicle Management?

I like having all the information I need at my fingertips. With AAX, I had to go through a series of steps to get to the information I needed. With Used Vehicle Management, I know where my wholesale is minute by minute and I can share total gross with Management in seconds.

How does Used Vehicle Management help you price your vehicles?

Iím in a price sensitive area, therefore, re-pricing cars to stay competitive is extremely important. By using the Market Based Pricing feature within Used Vehicle Management, I can quickly see my entire inventory and compare it to my competitors. From there, I can easily adjust the price with one click.

How does Used Vehicle Management affect your appraisal process?

When appraising cars, I like the recommendations it gives me. The more information I have the better decisions I can make.

How does the integration between Contact Management and Used Vehicle Management affect your processes?

We are at least 25% faster because we donít have to re-key information. With AAX, we had to load the deal ourselves. Many times we would work a deal on paper because it was faster than using AAX.

What is the biggest benefit youíve experienced by using Used Vehicle Management?

Used Vehicle Management is a time saver. It keeps my inventory at a more accurate age and cost.

Randy Staude
Used Vehicle Manager
Harry Leachman Motors
Bowling Green, KY

Used Vehicle Management has helped Randy Staude, the Used Vehicle Manager, and his team cut down the time it takes to appraise and price vehicles. ďWe are at least 25% faster because we donít have to re-key information.Ē

I love the fact Used Vehicle Management was built as one system with the DMS… :: Dempewolf Ford Lincoln: Henderson, KY

Used Vehicle Management helped our organization more effectively price and appraise vehicles.

Before we purchased Used Vehicle Management, we were struggling with competitively pricing our inventory units. It was easy before the internet because I just looked at the book value. Now, with consumers having access to sites like and they shop you online before even coming into our dealership. So having your inventory priced competitively is the only way to get consumers to call or visit the store.

Market Based Pricing has really helped solve this problem. I like how it is built as one application with our inventory records. I have one place to see how the market is pricing a unit but at the same time, I can quickly change my price to be competitive right there. We monitor the pricing of our inventory on a weekly basis now and that is really helping us drive more sales.

Used Vehicle Management has helped us in the appraisal process as well. As you know, our used vehicle department is a very fast-paced environment. As a result, we would write the ACV on the appraisal sheet and move on to the next vehicle. The problem was we never knew what made up the appraisal value. Now we can see what reconditioning is included, what adjustments are made, and we can make notes about the vehicle. It is very quick for me to approve deals because I can see everything at once, which saves me a tremendous amount of time.

I also like that now we have insight to all appraisals written since they are stored in our DMS. Previously, we did not look at appraisals that closely. Now the appraisal information is readily available to me and I review the Appraisal Performance Report every week. I specifically look at each deal to identify the sales opportunities and the appraiser closing ratios. Then I follow up with my managers to contact the customer and turn lost sales into closed deals.

Overall, I think Used Vehicle Management has helped our organization improve our used vehicle operations by helping us effectively price our inventory as well as appraise effectively. It has allowed me to focus on my day-to-day tasks versus researching pricing, updating multiple systems, and tracking down information. I love the fact Used Vehicle Management was built as one system with the DMS and I look forward to learning about the new enhancements.

Rick Tappan
General Manager
Dempewolf Ford Lincoln
Henderson, KY

With Used Vehicle Management, Dempewolf Ford Lincoln has come a long way in pricing and appraising their inventory. They are now able to use tools like Market Based Pricing to price their inventory competitively as well as use the appraisal work sheet to keep track of what happens with each deal.

Iíve noticed Used Vehicle Management not only tracks and reports my appraisals but also enhances department communication and efficiency… :: Commonwealth Motors: Lawrence, MA

Used Vehicle Management helped us streamline the sales and appraisal process and improve communication between departments.

I bought Used Vehicle Management from Reynolds and Reynolds because our previous appraisal tool, Black Book®, stopped tracking my appraisals. Since implementation, Iíve noticed Used Vehicle Management not only tracks and reports my appraisals but also enhances department communication and efficiency.

The connection between Used Vehicle Management, Desking, and Contact Management is a big plus. Our sales associates can create a prospect in Contact Management and enter the trade information. Next, they Ďstart the dealí which automatically sends the deal information to Desking and Used Vehicle Management. The sales associate brings me the deal number and the trade-in vehicle to appraise, then goes back the customer. Finally, without me calling the desk or him walking back over, he can pull the ACV into the deal. It all ties together in a controlled process.

Another aspect I like is the reporting. I have the ability to see if someone bumps the ACV or makes changes to the deal without permission. This is important to me so I can maintain control over the process. I can also see how the sales managers are working deals. I didnít have visibility like this before!

The sales process flows much better. If I'm backed up five cars deep, I can complete an appraisal and move on while sales receives all my notes instantly. This improves our communication and delivers pertinent information they don't have to wait for.

In the beginning, I was only looking for a system to store appraisals; but in the end, I received so much more. Thanks to Used Vehicle Management, we have streamlined the sales and appraisal process and improved the communication between our departments.

Carlos Rodriguez
Corporate Used Car Director
Commonwealth Motors
Lawrence, MA

Carlos, Used Car Director at Commonwealth, loves the connection between his Reynolds variable operations solutions. He gets instant information and is able to send information to his sales team without them ever leaving the customer.

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