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Owner Circle
Internet Business Connection's Owner Circle (IBC-OWN) provides the foundation for the other IBC applications. It combines the elements of Internet Business Connection into a personal Web page for each of your customers. Customer and vehicle information are consolidated into a single page with the data coming from the POWER suite of applications.

From the Owner Circle page, customers see a list of all vehicles and drivers within their household. When a vehicle is selected, depending on which of the following IBC applications you choose, Owner Circle gives them multiple options, such as reviewing the status of a repair order (RO), making a service reservation, viewing outstanding campaigns and recommended maintenance, looking over past service recommendations, and reviewing the overall service history of that vehicle.

New/Used Vehicle Inventories
Internet Business Connection's New/Used Vehicle Inventory (IBC-VNI/VUI) application gives your prospects the ability to search your vehicle inventory from the comfort of their own home or office. All data from the vehicle search is displayed in real time. When vehicle information, such as options or pricing, is updated on the POWER Application Server, it is immediately reflected in any Internet inquiry. This gives your customers access to up-to-date information, with no extra effort required from your employees.

Online Customer Feedback
With Internet Business Connection's Online Customer Feedback (IBC-OCF) application, customers can quickly and easily rate your service and offer input. Online Customer Feedback integrates with your Customer Satisfaction Index application to send surveys to consumers without dealership intervention. Automatic surveys promote customer loyalty and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Internet Parts Order
Internet Business Connection's Internet Parts Order (IBC-IPO) application enables your customers to securely and conveniently order parts online. It gives customers access to real-time parts information from your Web site, including descriptions, part numbers, and on-hand quantities. This helps your parts department generate new business without using additional personnel resources and helps increase customer satisfaction.

Online Service Reservations
Internet Business Connection's Online Service Reservations (IBC-OSR) application gives your customers the ability to create their own reservations in your POWER system, 24 hours a day. Internet Business Connection displays a calendar showing the dates and times available for reservations, based on your dealership's hours of operation and advisor availability. It creates a reservation record on the POWER Application Server and sends a confirmation e-mail to the customer and the assigned service advisor.

Repair Order Status Inquiry
When using Internet Business Connection's Repair Order Status Inquiry (IBC-ROI) application, your customers can see the details of their repair order, including the name of the service advisor, the current status of the RO, a list of the operations, and how much it will cost. Like all other Internet Business Connection functions, the information in the repair order search comes directly from the POWER Application Server in real time. Any changes made to a repair order are instantly reflected on your Web page. Your customers always see up-to-date information and no manual intervention or updates are required to keep your Web site current.

Service History Inquiry
The Internet Business Connection Service History Inquiry (IBC-SHI) application enables your customers to view the service history for each vehicle they've had serviced at your dealership, with zero site maintenance required by you. Service history, scheduled maintenance, repairs previously recommended but not done, outstanding recalls/campaigns, and basic vehicle information are displayed. Even service plans with expiration dates can be shown. All of this information adds value to the overall dealership experience for your customers.
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