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General Manager

Easily manage performance and review critical data from throughout your dealership without hunting through stacks of reports.
General Manager provides powerful reporting options for all of your vital departments by offering a number of optional sub-applications. Utilize General Manager's optional sub-applications to make managing your business easier and more efficient, regardless of department.

Sales and F&I
  • New Car - monitor sales and gross profit figures, new vehicle sales activities, and review sales items that have not been completed.
  • Used Car - track the performance of your used car sales department for individual personnel and the entire department.
  • Vehicle Inventory - reduce profit loss on slow moving vehicles and examine inventory activity.
  • F&I - compare credit life penetration performance against your goals and review sections of specific deal types, including purchases and leases for new and used vehicles.
Fixed Ops
  • Service - review pertinent data of gross profits on parts and labor, examine transaction details from your service department, and automatically track warranty repair order submissions.
  • Parts - identify parts that are falling short in sales and other important cost and profit information.
Business Office
  • Purchase Requisition Control - spot requisitions that have not been completed in a timely manner, track undue spending by employees, and review exceptions related to the approval process.
  • Accounting - protect your cash flow by evaluating accounts with fluctuating balances, identifying overdue rebates, and monitoring departmental performance.
  • Human Resource Management - track valuable employee information, including vehicle incidents, earning changes, upcoming birthdays, and more.
  • Payroll - view employees with overtime above your preset limits, monitor excessive pay for normal earnings, and receive listings of HR information to avoid errors.
  • Time Clock - monitor employee work habits, including extended breaks, absences, and overtime hours above your limits.
  • Image-Based Document Retrieval - move your documents to an electronic system to help your personnel quickly locate critical documents during manufacturer audits and lawsuits.
Customer Service
  • Customer Satisfaction Index - keep your CSI score high by tracking when complaints were filed, resolution time frames, and generating CSI scorecards for each department.
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