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Name File Services

Name File Services is a suite of data cleansing and enhancement services that helps your dealership maintain a clean, accurate dealership management system name file that includes current customer privacy flags. Depending on the specific service and dealership needs, services are generally available on an on-demand, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Name File Maintenance Consulting
Increase marketing ROI-and improve CRM-with a complete, accurate name file with the help of Reynolds Consulting.

Your ERA® name file is a marketing and relationship management gold mine, assuming no duplicate name files or out-of-date contact information exists. Name file cleansing and updating services can help, but if your staff continues to pollute the file, even this becomes less effective over time. In this two-day intensive, on-site project, Reynolds consultants help you and your team:

  • Identify and validate security and appropriateness of name file access points.
  • Determine where "forced" searches are required at the point of entry.
  • Update your system specifications and train staff how to use the new functionality.
  • Learn to leverage Reynolds' Name File Services as your name file is updated with critical Do Not Call flags, new addresses, and more.
  • Work with customer re-numbering schemes so the problem isn't re-created.

Because of the ERA system's integration, your entire dealership shares the same name file-so accuracy is vital. Save time, money, and effort with Name File Maintenance Consulting.

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