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Name File Services

Name File Services is a suite of data cleansing and enhancement services that helps your dealership maintain a clean, accurate dealership management system name file that includes current customer privacy flags. Depending on the specific service and dealership needs, services are generally available on an on-demand, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Did you know that on average 85% of name files are updated within the first run of Name Files Services? Besides opportunities to save on postage with the United States Postal Service and avoiding $11,000 Federal Do Not Contact fines, Name File Services can cut your direct mail costs by reducing duplicates and returned mailers.

"Name File Services has helped us increase our business, cut our mailing costs in half, and kept us compliant with federal Do Not Call legislation. And with nine franchises in seven locations and 170,000 customers in our name files, having Name File Services automatically update the name files is great. It saves us a lot of time. If you don't have Name File Services, you are missing out."

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