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Service Price Guides

Give estimates that are accurate to the penny, capture more profit, and increase customer satisfaction with Service Price Guides.

The more you use Service Price Guides, the better your results. Dealers with the highest utilization on average significantly increased profit over non-users:

The same study also indicated that, on average, dealerships that use Service Price Guides less often still received a financial benefit over those who do not use the application.

"The results that we have received from Service Price Guides truly speak for themselves. Our parts to labor percentage increased 10.3%, parts gross profit has increased 1.2%, and our effective labor rate has increased $1.69 an hour. These are not one-month numbers; these are six-month numbers, so they are real. In our dealership, this adds up to an additional $39,888 gross profit."
Ron Cornett, Service Manager
Florence Buick Pontiac, GMC
Florence, KY
Service Price Guides Is Your Direct Link to Higher Profits

A recent study conducted among Reynolds system users confirmed a direct relationship between gross profit and Service Price Guides (SPG) utilization. The study included over 6,310 dealerships in the U.S., 48% of which have SPG. Hits per repair order (RO) was calculated by taking the total SPG hits for the month and dividing by the total number of customer pay ROs for the month. The results show that as SPG utilization increases, dealers on average attain higher hours per RO, effective labor rates, and profitability in gross labor and gross parts per RO.

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