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Reynolds and Reynolds offers comprehensive integrated solutions for driving efficiency and productivity to one of your dealership's most important profit centers - your fixed operations. Savvy dealers understand that fixed operations is key to their dealership's profitability. In fact, research shows that service and parts sales generate 48 percent of operating profits.

“We’ve seen a $30 gross
per RO increase”

Greg May, Greg May Honda
Results With Reynolds
A Reynolds and Northwood University study has proven that dealers with 5 service solutions see an average of 11 percent higher customer retention because of superior customer service and convenience.

The 5 solutions are:
  • Service Sales Kit
  • One-Step Service
  • Service Price Guides
  • Factory Style Maintenance Menus
  • Technician Dispatching

Supporting Research
"Based on our calculations and the data we have studied it is safe for us to conclude that using technology such as that offered by Reynolds and Reynolds does, in fact, have a positive effect on dealership service operations."
-Northwood University White Paper, A Fixed Operations Technology Research Project
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