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Factory Style Maintenance Menus

Enable your advisors to upsell additional manufacturer and dealership recommended services.

"Factory Style Maintenance Menus allows us to quickly and easily show the customer the value of what we offer by providing a very complete "grocery" list of items that a service requires, without depending on the advisor to remember and explain it all. Factory Style Maintenance Menus helps us build the value of the services we provide to our customer, which increases our customer satisfaction and our bottom line."
Larry Williams, IT Manager
Phil Hughes Honda
Athens, GA
A recent study conducted among Reynolds system users showed a direct correlation of gross profit and the use of Service Price Guides (SPG) and Factory Style Maintenance Menus together. Over 6,000 dealers were included in the study. They were grouped into three categories those without SPG, those with just SPG, and those with both SPG and Factory Style Maintenance Menus. The results are as follows:

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