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Retail Management Intelligence

Your single point for all reporting needs.

"The Dashboard is invaluable to me as a management tool."
Mike Mykeloff, Centre Manager
Land Rover Frisco
Frisco, TX

 "The ability to click on an item in a report and drill down to get more information is invaluable. Iím not sure I can express how much time this saves us all."
Carol Edwards, Controller
Andrews Cadillac/Land Rover Nashville
Nashville, TN

"Creating and printing my reports is much better, too. As functions like 'greater than' or 'less than' are on the screen for me to choose –I don't have to remember to type them in. Things like this make the reports painless to create and to read."
Steve Nadler, Service and Parts Director
Bill Harris Dealerships
Ashland, OH

"The reporting functions are superb. I love that I can see the reserve and aftermarket generated. I can see exactly how much gross our entire department has generated, or I can break it down and see it by individual. This kind of data is fantastic because it comes to me real time."
Kate Archdeacon, F&I Manager
Lexus of Dayton
Dayton, OH
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