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ColorFile Services
ColorFile Services

Reynolds offers the services you need to make converting to the ColorFile Filing System fast and easy.

Floor Plan
To help you best decide which system to choose for your dealership, Reynolds offers floor plan services. Your Document Services Consultant is available to assess your dealership's filing needs and recommend the right space-saving solution using the ColorFile Filing System. This service is provided at absolutely no charge, and as always, you will receive Reynolds' legendary service and support.

Reynolds can ease the conversion of your existing system. Simply provide us with a listing of information for your existing files and we will apply ColorFile labels to your new ColorFile folders. The labeled folders will then be boxed and shipped to you for easy conversion.

Conversion Services
Reynolds can provide a conversion team to help you physically convert your existing files to your new ColorFile Filing System.

A convenient, affordable financing option is now available. Monthly payments can help you manage your budget and business expenses, without the worry of large, one-time investment costs.

Contact your Document Services Consultant directly, or call 800.344.0996.