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ColorFile Shelving
ColorFile Shelving

To accommodate varying floor plans and space requirements, Reynolds offers a variety of open-shelf cabinetry. ColorFile cabinetry is designed to allow maximum visibility and access - a key element in a color-coded system. Shelves easily and solidly interlock and fasten to form cabinets, and each unit has built-in dividers to keep folders upright and in place. As your business grows or relocates, the equipment can expand or move with you.

Four-Post Shelving
Economically retain and protect your files with easy accessibility - even in limited spaces. Four-Post Shelving is specifically tailored for attractiveness, easy assembly, and space efficiency. Open shelves provide clearly visible and easily retrievable folders by utilizing vertical space to maximize file storage per square foot.

Stackable Shelving Cabinetry
Utilize vertical space to maximize file storage per square foot with Stackable Shelving Cabinetry. One seven-shelf Stackable Shelving cabinet can hold the equivalent of two conventional, four-drawer file cabinets while using only about one half the floor space! This translates into over 200 percent more folders per square foot of floor space.

Track and Carriage System
A lateral system is the most simplistic form of mobile, high density storage. A Track and Carriage system that is seven rows high with three cabinets in the back and two in the front will hold over 12,500 files, requiring only 18 square feet of space. Use the Track and Carriage System in conjunction with our Four-Post and Stackable Shelving solutions or convert your existing open-faced units.

Deluxe Mobile System
When storage problems become too high for individual filing cabinets to handle, mobility is the answer. The Deluxe Mobile System, which works in conjunction with both our Four-post and Stackable Shelving solutions, can store almost twice as many files in the same amount of space as traditional four-drawer filing cabinets. Plus, you can fit more cabinets into your space because the system condenses aisles when not in use. Each Deluxe Mobile system is custom-designed for your specific room or storage configuration. You can choose end panel and carpet colors to complement your dealership environment. Everything is provided - including all hardware for assembly, carpet trim, etc. Quality installation is completed by experienced, factor-trained service technicians, so it's hassle-free.

ColorFile Security Doors
Avoid significant legal penalties and customer loss by implementing proper measures to comply with privacy legislation. As you respond to the challenge of maintaining safeguards that are appropriate for you dealership, you will want to consider the privacy needs of your customers and how to ensure compliance while protecting your bottom line. With Roll-Top Security Doors for the ColorFile Filing System, you can be confident that your customer information is secure.