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Lender Acceptance Directory

As of September 30, 2016, Reynolds and Reynolds has purchased the indirect lending solutions, including its AppOne software, risk mitigation services and Bankers Systems® Indirect Lending documents from Wolters Kluwer Financial Services.

Finding the right lending partners to accelerate your dealership's business can be a challenge. Reynolds provides a directory containing a listing of lenders nation-wide who use our Bankers Systems® retail installment contracts to finance automobiles, boats, RVs and powersports vehicles.

  • Quickly and easily find and contact lenders that accept the same contracts that you use.
  • Simplify and speed up your contract negotiation process with qualified lenders.
  • Focus your efforts on providing your customers with what they need, instead of worrying about getting what you need.

With many years of proven expertise and solutions in the indirect-lending market, Reynolds can help connect you to the right lending partners to help grow your dealership.

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