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Dealer-driven Downloads
For the ERA® System
Dealers using ERA can conveniently control and move data, both for themselves or when working with chosen vendors.
  • Use Dynamic Reporting to easily create and export user-defined reports using data elements across multiple stores and branches. Spend less time finding the information you want to see. Set up reports for yourself or other employees. For assistance, contact the Technical Assistance Center at 800.767.0080.

For the POWER System
Dealers using POWER have several options for downloading data to forward to preferred vendors.

  • Use Report (RPT) or Enterprise Report Manager (ERM) to access and push out specific DMS data. For assistance, contact the POWER Support Center at 888.999.6348.
For more information about the available POWER tools, contact your Reynolds account manager or call 800.767.7879 and ask for your POWER specialist.
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Other Contact Information:
Sales 800.767.7879
ERA Support 800.767.0080
POWER Support - 888.999.6348