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ERALink Client to Be Retired - Deadline Extended to January 18, 2011

Act Now - Load ERAccess Today on All ERA® PC Workstations

As previously announced in letters to your dealership in August and October, ERALink client software is being retired and replaced with ERAccess. To help ensure your dealership has enough time to load ERAccess on all ERA PC workstations during this busy time, we have extended the deadline.

ERAccess is required as of January 19, 2011 and as of this date, ERALink can no longer be used. In order for you to retain terminal emulation and database query-download functionality, your dealership must load ERAccess on all PC workstations. The upgrade to ERAccess is being provided to you at no additional charge and offers improved data encryption for better security of sensitive personal information.

How Should You Reconfigure Your PCs?

Recently, Reynolds released the ERA Software Manager (also a no-charge upgrade), that will save you significant time in the future by automating distribution of certain Reynolds software enhancement packages, such as ERAccess and many other applications. ERA Software Manager has recently been improved and can now load all available Reynolds PC software updates at once instead of loading each update independently, vastly improving efficiencies. ERAccess should be loaded on all PCs through ERA Software Manager. Please make sure to include all Electronic Parts Catalog workstations connected to ERA. Detailed installation instructions are available on by accessing Online Support and searching for Knowledge Product documents ZB144 and ZB244.

Associated connectivity changes to further secure your customer data will be effective January 19, 2011, with the retirement of ERALink.

We appreciate your business, and we look forward to helping you maximize the benefits of your ERA system with ERAccess. If you have any questions, please call the Technical Assistance Center at 800.767.0080.