Reynolds and Reynolds
Customer Testimonials
Reyna Capital Corporation

Reyna operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of The Reynolds and Reynolds Company dedicated to the support of Reynolds and Reynolds system sales. Our close tie with Reynolds allows us the freedom and flexibility necessary to provide creative financing solutions to our shared customers.

"We know that our commitment to our customers for quality service at the best possible price is the reason that we remain strong and competitive in today's market. It's what our customers expect from us. Fair terms. Good rates. Excellent customer service. You share this philosophy with us which is why we've partnered with Reyna for more than 20 years, starting with our Reynolds System Lease and moving onto individual capital equipment leases.

In the past we have tried other vendors for our financing needs, but we've found that Reyna offers the best package all around. From the convenience of your quoting process to low interest rates with a $1 buy-out, Reyna gives us what we need to be successful and allows us to take advantage of the time value of money by leasing the equipment now and still maintaining our flow of ready cash.

One of the best aspects of doing business with Reyna is your excellent customer service. You and Judy Poole have been great! The friendliness of the service and your knowledge of automotive finance options are constants and something we have come to expect each time we do business with you."

Paula Wilkinson, Controller
Tyler Automotive
Niles, MI

"Reyna Capital is our first choice for financing our major computer hardware and software as well as other equipment solutions. We use Reyna for most of our 3rd party leases. Reyna Capital always solves our leasing needs quickly and at the best rates."

Carlos del Valle, Purchasing Director
Kendall Toyota/Lexus of Kendall/Lexus of West Kendall
West Kendall Toyota/Kendall Scion/Kendall Collision
Miami, FL

"Getting the sale is only half the battle in today's economy. Closing the deal in a way that allows both sides to walk away happy is the real win. Over the last 3 years, in all our offices, we have found that Reyna has the tools that allow us to score a win each and every deal. Reyna is our primary leasing option for customers looking to lease hardware, typically with a $1 buyout on a 36-month contract. With reliable service, a streamlined process, and extremely competitive rates, they have allowed us to provide a consistent, solid financing service to our customers, increasing our CSI and overall bottom line.

Good business comes down to a few key elements-reliability, good communication, and the ability to be flexible-all areas in which Reyna excels. Reyna is our choice for customer financing and we look forward to partnering with them long into the future."

Elliot Batcheller, Accounting Manager
GPS Insight
Phoenix, AZ
Contact us by phone at 937.485.2955, press Option 4, then ask to speak to someone about financing your next equipment purchase.

You can also contact us by e-mail at or by fax at 866.594.6471.