Reynolds and Reynolds
Impact on Data Movement
There’s no question that dealerships need to move data to outside third parties to conduct business. And given the choice, you wouldn’t willingly choose an unsecured method. Reynolds is helping close unsecured data transfer by eliminating non-certified, third-party system access.

How real is the risk of non-certified system access? Consider a few examples of what we’ve seen happen:
  • One third-party F&I vendor ran a program over a weekend and inadvertently deleted all bank and leasing information from a dealer’s system.
  • Over 150 dealers’ business operations were limited for seven days due to data corruption by a non-certified third party.
  • One unauthorized third party was able to access an OEM’s system through a dealer’s DMS.

While the ways you move data are changing to more secure methods, they should not limit your ability to work with the third parties you choose. You have choices on how you do this.

Dealer Options
Share data securely with business partners using data movement options that let dealers control which business partners have access to what data.