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Maximize Efficiency With Current Service Operation Codes and Specifications
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System Tips You Can Use
Maximize Efficiency With Current Service Operation Codes and Specifications

Consider reviewing and cleaning up any Service Operation Codes, G.O.G. (gas, oil, grease), Miscellaneous Charge Codes, or Credit Codes that are no longer used. Updating the lists advisors, technicians, billing clerks, and cashiers use can help them work more efficiently.

Scrub Service Operation Codes
Run Service Operations in screen 3075 and delete any unused codes with the Delete option. Remember, you can delete only codes that have not been used on any repair orders.

If an operation code has been used previously, you can deactivate it in 3075 with the Deactivate option. The operation code will no longer be available for advisors to use on new repair orders. However, it will still display in service history.

You can also change operation codes with Operation Code Conversion in 3285. This copies the code to another operation code, deletes the old one, and updates service history to the new operation code and description.

Cleanse Service Specifications
Step 1: Run the Specifications Listing in 3627 for option 8 (G.O.G. & Supplies Setup) and option 9 (Miscellaneous Codes/Split Sales).
Step 2: Review the list and identify any unneeded codes.
Step 3: Run G.O.G. & Supplies Setup in 3629 or Misc. Codes in 3631 to delete and clean up any unnecessary codes you identified.

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