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Reynolds Launches Next Phase of “Brockman on the Record”

DAYTON, OHIO – December 7, 2007 – Reynolds today announced the next phase of Chairman Bob Brockman’s “On the Record” campaign. This newest phase features interviews between Bob Brockman and well-respected automotive industry consultants, who are asking in their own words the kinds of direct business questions dealers also are asking. The current campaign includes a mix of print ads and video clips, both carrying excerpts from the interviews.

The consultants who interviewed Brockman are David Brookshire, Wayne Fortier, and Jeff Sacks. The first ad appeared the week of Dec. 3 and features consultant David Brookshire; the subsequent ads will run the weeks of Dec. 10 and Dec. 17, respectively. (To view the most recent ads, click here. To view the video interview, click here).

In August, Reynolds launched “Brockman on the Record,” a corporate campaign to reinforce key messages that Reynolds has been delivering to dealers throughout the past year. The first six ads from this campaign feature Brockman speaking directly to customers and to the industry, setting the record straight about Reynolds contracts, terms and conditions, product development, and the company’s commitment to develop both the ERA® and the POWER DMS platforms. (For the first series of ads, click here. For a news release on Reynolds’ commitment to ERA and its business practices, click here.)