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Reynolds Adds New Services to its Virtual Customer Care Center for Dealerships

New Follow-up Call Types Aim to Help Dealers Increase Lease Renewals and Retail Sales

Dealers Now Can Choose from an a la carte Menu of Follow-up Calls to Sales and Service Customers

DAYTON, Ohio - Aug. 30, 2012 - The Reynolds and Reynolds Company today announced the addition of several new follow-up call services for its Virtual Customer Care Center. The new follow-up call services, which are handled by Reynolds' U.S.-based professional callers on behalf of the dealership, are designed to help dealers capture more lease renewals, retain more retail vehicle sales customers, and improve service drive customer retention. Reynolds also announced a revised menu for the Virtual Customer Care Center that enables dealers to choose any of the eight follow-up call service options separately or in combination.

The Virtual Customer Care Center puts Reynolds' professional callers in the role of Business Development Center (BDC) staff for the dealership. By making follow-up telephone contact on behalf of dealers, the Virtual Customer Care Center can provide dealers with consumer feedback that can be used to improve dealership processes and procedures.

"We consistently hear from dealers that they want to know how to make their sales and service operations more effective and how to improve the customer's sales or service experience," said Trey Hiers, vice president of Marketing at Reynolds and Reynolds. "Yet, too many dealerships lack the time or people to put toward the types of follow-up that can uncover this critical information. The Virtual Customer Care Center can provide this knowledge for dealers and expose areas where they have process breakdowns or need to make process improvements. By helping dealers follow through on follow-up, the Virtual Customer Care Center helps dealers make operational changes that ultimately can deliver results for their business."

Results from Virtual Customer Care Center calls are directly integrated into the dealership's Contact Management system from Reynolds, which seamlessly integrates with the dealer's ERAŽ or POWER dealership management system. Reynolds' callers also can set sales and service appointments and enter them into Contact Management, saving time for dealership personnel and improving departmental coordination.

Reynolds' research shows that consumers who are contacted by the Virtual Customer Care Center purchase a vehicle at nearly a 16 percent higher rate than those not contacted by the Care Center.

The Virtual Customer Care Center was developed and is managed by Reynolds Consulting Services, a comprehensive automotive retail consulting practice that helps dealers improve business processes, implement best practices, and achieve desired results in all areas of the dealership. (

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