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Reynolds and Reynolds and Who’s Calling®
Provide Answers to ROI Questions Keeping Auto Retailers Awake at Night

Who's Calling now Approved as Reynolds Certified Interface Partner

DAYTON, OHIO – August 9, 2007 – Sales managers in automobile dealerships can lose a lot of sleep wondering, “Which of my ad campaigns are working, which are not, and what should I do about it?” Now, a partnership between Reynolds and Reynolds and Who’s Calling aims to create a better night’s rest for automotive sales managers by answering those questions. Who’s Calling measures telephone response rates to advertising and marketing campaigns and is an approved partner in the Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI) program. RCI establishes safe, secure, and monitored data interfaces for exchanging information with a Reynolds dealership management system (DMS) – POWER or ERA®.

By pairing Who’s Calling’s Automotive Revenue Solutions with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications in POWER or ERA, automotive dealerships can gain several advantages. Who’s Calling provides a dealership with detailed data on which ads and marketing strategies are generating leads and which are not. Additionally, how those leads are managed is also tracked to determine which leads are being converted to sales and what the dealership can do to improve conversions.

“Who’s Calling sets the standard in marketing Return on Investment (ROI) solutions for dealerships,” said Trey Hiers, vice president of Corporate Marketing for Reynolds. “The data gathered from tracking marketing campaigns enables the dealership to use a breadth of facts when assessing the campaign’s results. The combination of these proven products – call tracking technology from Who’s Calling and CRM software in our DMS – can really have a measurable impact on dealership operations.”

Who’s Calling applies a unique phone number to each ad campaign, whether it’s traditional media, direct mail, online, or an e-mail campaign. When prospects call the number in the ad, dealerships are able to determine which campaign prompted the response. This allows a dealership to eliminate less effective campaigns or allocate more money to successful ones – and improve the bottom line.

When a prospect calls the dealership, Who’s Calling captures the caller’s information, including phone number, and this customer information is added automatically to the DMS. If a call is missed or received after hours, managers can be notified by e-mail with the information, enabling more responsive and accurate call back. Inbound calls are recorded for review to improve customer service; outbound calls are screened against several “Do Not Call” lists.

Who’s Calling Executive Vice President of Sales C.B. Huchingson, said, “Who’s Calling really makes everybody’s job easier. The agents answering the phones have automatic access to demographic information and are able to facilitate the sales process immediately. Management is able to make adjustments – on the fly, if necessary – to marketing campaigns. Lost calls are virtually eliminated. And, since most organizations strive to improve their customer service, Who’s Calling enables dealerships to take proactive measures using hard data to do so.”

Hiers concluded, “This is one more example of offering dealers the best, innovative tools available to help them succeed more effectively and efficiently. Who’s Calling is a proven winner, and we are pleased to include them as part of the RCI family of approved partners.”


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