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Reynolds Customers Explain: Why Reynolds. Why Now.

Increased Profitability | Stronger F&I Compliance and Efficiency
Higher Rate of Employee Productivity | Better Consumer Experience with the Dealership

Reynolds & Reynolds

DAYTON, Ohio – Apr. 1, 2016 – In the words of Reynolds and Reynolds’ dealership customers, the products and services in Reynolds Retail Management System are helping them meet the demands of the changing world of automotive retailing. Reynolds Retail Management System is giving dealers a competitive advantage by enabling them to improve their overall operating efficiency, boost financial performance, and enrich the customer experience.

“Dealers tell us they view Reynolds as a true business partner in their dealership, and not just a technology provider,” said Jon Strawsburg, vice president of Product Planning for Reynolds. “They recognize Reynolds is building products that support dealership processes that enable consumers to shop and buy in the ways they want to. As a result, dealers using Reynolds Retail Management System platform report they’re able to improve efficiency across each of their departments and achieve higher profits and greater customer satisfaction.”

  • Dealers note how applications in Reynolds Retail Management System are built to work together to increase dealership efficiency and employee productivity. At the same time, Reynolds Retail Management System helps dealers deliver a smoother, more pleasing overall customer experience. Watch the video.

  • Dealers value that AddOnAuto is a visually engaging and highly effective solution for selling accessories in the dealership. AddOnAuto’s sophisticated, yet easy-to-use technology platform enables dealerships to capture more accessories sales and increase gross profits. It also helps dealers meet consumer demand for customizing their vehicles and deliver a more rewarding customer experience. Customers can personalize their vehicles on the spot as part of their purchase at the dealership.

  • Finance managers appreciate how docuPAD® helps with process compliance and employee confidence in presenting F&I products to customers. docuPAD is designed to help ensure disclosures are made, signatures are captured, and dealership processes are followed. In addition to capturing the entire deal electronically, reports in docuPAD enable dealers to see which F&I products were presented and for how long and with what results. Dealers using docuPAD also report that their customers are more engaged in the F&I process and more satisfied with their car-buying experience at the dealership.

  • Fixed Operations directors are pleased with the multi-tasking flexibility of using Advanced Service, a comprehensive service tool that can help advisors and technicians capture more recommended service sales. Service advisors and technicians consistently point to how Advanced Service provides more effective communication, tracking, and notes in one tool and reduces multiple steps to one click.

  • Operations managers value the convenience and worry-free accuracy ReyPAY offers to their customers and the accounting department. ReyPAY also helps dealers meet consumer expectations by delivering convenient, secure payment experiences in the dealership, online, or over the phone. ReyPAY helps dealerships save time and pare costs by reducing credit card processing and reconciliation errors.

  • Sales managers rely on the time-saving attributes of Contact Management and Desking, which impacts their closing ratios. They note these tools allow for less paper shuffling and better tracking of customer information, which can lead to improved customer interactions at every touch point.

  • Dealers and general managers note how ReverseRisk’s Web-based information and reporting platform delivers critical business intelligence and analytics, providing detailed insights that can lead to improved operating results and dealership performance.

  • General managers appreciate how the Reynolds Integrated Telephone System (RITS) helps them achieve their CSI goals by providing necessary customer details that allow their staff to immediately jump to solving the customer’s problems. They note that RITS also contributes to greater communication between departments and higher job satisfaction for their employees. Watch the video.
Strawsburg concluded: “Dealers are keenly aware they need to take advantage of every sales opportunity and every service opportunity in order to succeed more fully in today’s world of automotive retailing. Dealers who have chosen Reynolds explain in example after example how Reynolds Retail Management System is helping them succeed every day. Increased efficiency, higher profits, better customer experience – these are the reasons dealers are looking to Reynolds.”

About Reynolds
Reynolds and Reynolds is a leading provider of automobile dealership software, services, and forms to help dealerships deliver better business results and transform the customer experience. The company is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, with major operations in Houston and College Station, Texas, and Celina, Ohio. (


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