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News Release

Reynolds Announces CAR Research XRM as Newest Partner
in Third Party Access Program

Enabling safe, secure, and verified access to dealership data

DAYTON, OHIO - FEBRUARY 12, 2010 - The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, a leading provider of software and services to automotive retailers, today announced that CAR Research XRM is now participating in the Reynolds third party access program, which provides a platform for handling dealership data in a safe, secure, and verifiable manner. CAR Research XRM is a full service CRM and solutions provider focused on helping automotive dealerships fill their sales funnel and streamline their sales processes.

“The benefit of standardized access through Reynolds is that it takes a huge amount of custom programming and support costs off of our task list in trying to access a DMS,” said Craig Finnigan, CIO at CAR Research. “This, in turn, enables us to bring more resources to bear on developing the products and services that will help our customers operate more effectively.”

Since 2005, Reynolds and Reynolds has been working visibly with dealerships and OEMs on the safe, secure, and verifiable exchange of dealership data from a Reynolds dealership management system (DMS).

“At Reynolds, we have been addressing data access and security consistently for a number of years, as have other major DMS providers in the industry,” said Trey Hiers, vice president of Corporate Marketing at Reynolds and Reynolds. “Ultimately, dealers want to know that their data is safe and secure; that it is accessible by third parties, with appropriate safeguards and verification; and, that it will stay that way.”

The Reynolds third party access program provides a number of methods for dealerships to work with the vendor of their choice in a safe, secure, and verified manner when handling dealership data.

About Third Party Access
Reynolds and Reynolds provides the largest program for third party access of any dealership services provider in the industry. Dealerships that use a Reynolds and Reynolds DMS to run their business can choose from more than 100 third parties who can provide safe, secure, and verified handling of a dealership’s data.

About Reynolds
Reynolds and Reynolds is the automotive industry’s leading provider of automobile dealership software, services, and forms to help dealerships improve business results. The company is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, with major operations in Houston and College Station, Texas, and Celina, Ohio. (


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