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Reynolds Announces New Program Designed for Dealership Training

DAYTON, OHIO – February 2, 2007 – The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, a leading provider of software and services to automotive retailers, today announced the introduction of Dealer University, a customizable, online training program designed exclusively for automotive dealerships.

Today, automotive dealerships face many staffing issues, and have expressed their need to ramp-up new hires quickly and efficiently and help them reduce employee turnover. Dealers also want a standardized and dealership-specific training plan for everyone in their dealership to be certain that their employees receive the training they need to be more productive. And dealerships want the ability to track employee training completion in order to ensure compliance to federal, state and OEM / franchise regulations and standards.

Dealer University is a training system that allows dealership management to build their own branded, dealership-specific training program and includes the tools needed to effectively manage employee’s training paths. Dealer University offers the ability to:
  • Create custom training plans
  • Launch custom online, instructor-led, Web-based training and/or course slides or documents
  • Create unique employee training groups (for example, for new hires of dealership-specific job roles)
  • Assign employee accounts to managers to view and track training completion and compliance
  • Practice on a simulated Reynolds ERA system and selected applications before working on a live dealership system
  • Generate store and enterprise-level training reports
  • Manage employee certifications
  • Implement and manage proficiency assessments

With Dealer University, dealerships can realize the advantages that continuous training provides to both the business and their employees. A recent JD Power report showed that dealership employees who received training had significantly higher closing rates (for new and used automobiles) than employees that did not receive training*. Training can help boost employee confidence, job satisfaction and productivity which all translate to revenue growth.

In addition, personalized career and training plans for every employee can help promote and solidify the dealership culture, and help dealers reduce employee turnover costs as their employees match their own career and skill development with the success of the dealership.

“At Reynolds, we believe our customer is the boss – and our boss has made it clear to us that training is considered a very important issue for their company. Dealer University offers every dealer the opportunity to help build their business and improve on one of the most significant contributing factors to dealership success – employee training,” said Susan Moll, vice president of Customer Services at Reynolds. “Dealer University helps customers build a complete training program tailored to their individual dealership or dealership group; to support dealerships where they need it most. It can help them with many common business challenges including compliance, costly employee turn-over, job satisfaction and helping them develop productive employees.”

*Online Automotive Review, October, 2006


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