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Reynolds and Reynolds Introduces Interactive Marketing

DAYTON, OHIO – February 2, 2007 – The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, a leading provider of software and services to automotive retailers, today announced the introduction of Interactive Marketing, a combination of solutions designed to help automotive dealerships get more for their advertising dollar.

Reynolds Interactive Marketing combines the power and flexibility of Reynolds Web Solutions and Reynolds Contact Management to create an integrated approach that allows dealers the benefits of conducting their multi-faceted marketing efforts through a single provider. It also captures information to more precisely pinpoint the number of impressions generated, as well as the communication methods and frequency of contact, to track campaign effectiveness and better assess the cost per sale.

In 2005, whether handled in-house or through outsourced efforts, automotive dealerships spent nearly eight billion dollars for advertising*, but the challenge of managing customer campaigns with multiple vendors and determining their results remained largely unresolved. Many dealers engage the help of third-party resources, but are left with the challenge of stringing together multiple solutions that don’t integrate with their DMS, offer little to no tracking, and lack consistency across various contact methods.

Reynolds Interactive Marketing, powered by Reynolds Web Solutions and Contact Management, will help dealers more effectively leverage advertising dollars in activities that can be tracked for ROI proof – unlike traditional newspaper, television, and radio advertising. This end-to-end set of solutions, which integrates with the DMS, generates and feeds leads from websites to a CRM tool that allows the dealer to manage those leads using a wide array of customer communications methods.

With this comprehensive marketing solution, dealers are able to drive consistency in their messages with a robust marketing mix. Dealers taking advantage of our one-stop-shop can: gain online visibility and generate inbound leads; manage and track communications with prospects who submitted online inquiries; dig into their own database resources to determine lucrative prospects; and launch outbound marketing campaigns through a variety of mediums, including direct mail, e-mail, text messages, automated voice messages and live phone calls.

Additionally, Reynolds Interactive Marketing offers dealers the following capabilities:
  • SearchEnginuity™ PPC – Expands the dealership’s visibility on the Internet through keyword-triggered online ads promoting their website in prominent areas of search results pages.
  • SiteChauffeur™ – Provides a Website and Specials Management service that focuses on one of the most highly visited areas of their website – the Specials page.
  • Equity Calculator – Estimates the equity position of customers who have previously purchased a vehicle – allowing dealers to proactively identify customers by equity position as a pre-qualifier to target the right customers at the right time for acquiring a new vehicle.
  • Voice of the Dealer powered by CallCommand® – Provides dealers access to their customers by phone or text message at the right time with the right message.

“With Reynolds Interactive Marketing, our customers can eliminate the need for marketing support by multiple vendors and gain measurable results by using this combined set of tools,” said Jon Strawsburg, vice president of Product Marketing for Reynolds. “We are enhancing our Web Solutions to become more than just a website provider – we are adding effective marketing elements as well.”

Strawsburg added, “We have also enhanced Contact Management to be more than just a Lead Management tool by adding features that enable dealers to identify prime prospects in-house from their own database. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of customer communications methods – including text messages, automated voice, live voice, e-mail and direct mail – all from a single tool. Our Interactive Marketing supports an in-house or outsourced approach to best meet the dealer’s needs.”


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