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Reynolds and Reynolds Introduces Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI)
to its ERA® Dealership Management System (DMS)

DAYTON, OHIO - January 25, 2009 - Reynolds and Reynolds announced today the integration of Computer Assisted Instruction into its ERA® dealership management system (DMS). CAI is a proven method for training dealership personnel to aid in better utilization of the DMS, which typically translates into higher productivity and customer satisfaction for dealerships.

"Most dealerships, regardless of what DMS they are using, recognize the opportunity to improve how their employees use the DMS in order to get more out of it for their business," said Jon Strawsburg, vice president, Product Planning, at Reynolds and Reynolds. "This is especially true in hiring and training new employees and in training all employees on new software releases. Computer Assisted Instruction offers ERA users a proven solution to both problems and helps dealerships gain more benefit, more consistently from their technology investment in the DMS."

CAI, which is optional for ERA dealers, provides them with access to no-cost training in an initial library of more than 100 self-paced courses in ERA, each course tailored to specific roles in the dealership. The courses can be taken any time from any ERA workstation in the dealership. Plus, with every new ERA software release, CAI courses help employees learn about the latest DMS enhancements.

"Getting the fullest benefit from new technologies is, after all, why the investments are made by our customers in the first place," Strawsburg said. "CAI is a solution to help deliver that benefit."

As dealerships continue to look for ways to improve productivity and the effectiveness of their employees, CAI offers a far easier and inexpensive approach to training. By using CAI, dealerships can eliminate the need to develop their own DMS training materials or tie up more experienced employees or managers to handle time consuming one-on-one training. Plus, CAI provides a record of training assigned and completed for each employee, giving managers confirmation of whether employees have learned the DMS knowledge and skills necessary to complete their jobs.

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