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Reynolds Consulting Services' Virtual Customer Care Center Gives Dealerships the
Roadmap to Great Service in the Eyes of Consumers

Virtual Customer Care Center Service is Available for ERA® Contact Management Users

DAYTON, OHIO - January 25, 2009 - The Reynolds and Reynolds Company today announced that its Virtual Customer Care Center is helping automotive retailers uncover what they did well or where they need improvement in the eyes of their customers. Acting as a virtual Business Development Center (BDC) for the dealership, Reynolds professional callers perform follow-up telephone surveys to the dealership's sales and service customers, as well as to prospects that did not make a vehicle purchase, from records in the dealership's ERA® Contact Management system. These calls provide the consumer feedback that can help dealerships improve customer relationships and increase sales.

"A common theme among dealers that we hear in our conversations with them and in our research is that they want to know why a customer left their dealership without buying a car," said Trey Hiers, vice president, Corporate Marketing, at Reynolds. "It's a mystery that can keep dealership management up at night, and one they're continually trying to solve. This service can help answer the 'why not' question for dealers."

Virtual Customer Care Center survey calls can be targeted to consumers who chose not to make a purchase at the dealership, or they can be placed to customers after a vehicle sale or service appointment is completed. Prior to performing customer calls, Virtual Customer Care Center processes are developed on-site with Reynolds' implementation experts to help tailor the service to the dealership.

Call results and any customer appointments generated from the Virtual Customer Care Center surveys are loaded directly into the dealership's ERA Contact Management system for immediate use by dealership personnel. Moreover, Virtual Customer Care Center survey reports provide dealership management with timely, constructive feedback they can use to improve operations and create a better experience for their customers. By acting on what they learn from the Virtual Customer Care Center surveys, dealership managers can improve operations to ultimately create more satisfied buyers and increase sales, which dealerships who participated in the initial rollout Virtual Customer Care Center were able do and see results.

"The Virtual Customer Care Center is one more way Reynolds is focused on helping dealerships make the most of every sales and service customer interaction, which is particularly important in light of the current economic climate," Hiers concluded. "Through this service, we're able to put in place the consistent processes, skilled resources, and robust reporting tools that enable dealerships to maintain high customer satisfaction, improve their operations, and achieve their desired business results."

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