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News Release

Reynolds and Reynolds Continues as Website Provider
for Asbury Automotive Group

Reynolds Web Solutions to Provide Latest Web Technology Platform
and Dedicated Web Support Team to All Asbury Dealerships

DAYTON, OHIO - January 19, 2011 - The Reynolds and Reynolds Company today announced the company has extended its relationship with Asbury Automotive Group, Inc (NYSE: ABG) as website provider for their 84 retail automotive stores in the U.S. Under the new agreement, Reynolds Web Solutions will continue to provide its latest Web technology platform and dedicated Web support team to Asbury’s dealerships.

“We’ve had the privilege of providing websites to Asbury dealerships for some ten years now,” said Ron Lamb, president of Reynolds and Reynolds. “We take an enormous amount of pride in the results we can deliver to their dealerships through our Web platform and technology. We look forward to building on a very positive working relationship with Asbury as we continue to make a measurable difference for every Asbury dealership through their presence on the Web.”

Reynolds Web Solutions is focused on developing car dealer websites, Web technologies, and digital marketing tools for car dealers and OEMs, enabling them to reach more consumers on the Web and gain the best business results from their digital presence.

Lamb concluded: “When dealerships hear the name Reynolds and Reynolds, we want them to think of one word: Results. That’s our focus with Asbury. We deliver results for their dealerships through our Web platform and technologies.”

About Reynolds Web Solutions
Reynolds Web Solutions offers car dealer websites and digital solutions that range from mobile marketing services to paid search services, an award-winning SEO platform, inventory management, and online service solutions. Connect with Reynolds Web Solutions on the Web: | Blog: | Facebook: | Twitter:

About Reynolds
Reynolds and Reynolds is the automotive industry's largest and most trusted provider of automobile dealership software, services, and forms to help dealerships improve business results. In Canada, Reynolds is the dealership management system market leader and has operations in Mississauga, Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec. The company is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, with major U.S. operations in Houston and College Station, Texas, and Celina, Ohio. (


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