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Texas College Students Gain Business Insight and Career Tips at
Reynolds and Reynolds-sponsored Events

The events broaden students’ awareness of Reynolds and Reynolds and help inform Reynolds Recruiters about Potential Candidates

DAYTON, Ohio - Jan. 14, 2013 - The Reynolds and Reynolds Company continues its sponsorship and participation in a number of recruiting events at Texas universities. During the recruiting events, college students learn about the automotive industry, the Reynolds brand and business, along with employment opportunities available at the company. Meanwhile, the scholarship programs help support students who are studying in fields that are related to the Reynolds business. These events and programs continue to help the company successfully attract a greater number of college students to apply for open positions, and in turn, become hired directly out of school to work at Reynolds.

"From Sales, Customer Support and Marketing to Finance, Accounting and IT, we’re seeking talented individuals to excel in a diverse range of career opportunities at Reynolds,” said Craig Moss, vice president of Recruiting. “Our involvement with various colleges and universities is an integral part of our strategy to recruit top talent for Reynolds. We continue to expand our outreach to colleges and universities, especially in regions where we have major operations. The events are one more way we can share with college students the variety of career opportunities with Reynolds."

Reynolds and Reynolds, which has major locations in Houston and College Station, Texas, has worked with schools in Texas to provide career advice and networking opportunities to help students be better prepared after graduation.

At Texas A&M University, Reynolds actively recruits undergraduate students through various events and funds three scholarships for $3,000 each school year. During the 2012-2013 academic year, Reynolds attended career fairs at the College of Business, Agriculture and Life Science, and Liberal Arts. Recruiters and department managers hosted information tables, gave presentations in classrooms and held meetings for various student organizations. Reynolds also worked with the Texas A&M Career Center to provide support to students by participating in resume reviews and mock interviews. Each year in January, Reynolds hosts groups of Texas A&M students to our College Station and Houston offices for the AggiExternship – a one-day look into our company, careers, and the chance to interact with our managers. Reynolds is also proud to be the title sponsor of the Texas A&M Sales competition and participates throughout the academic year with the Professional Sales classes.

At the University of Houston, Reynolds has been involved with career fairs, held classroom presentations, and hosted a networking opportunity at the student’s graduation ceremony as well as served on the school’s advisory board.

Reynolds also sponsors several events at the Sam Houston State University. There, Reynolds participates in the Career Exposition Kick-off Party, sponsors tables at the annual Spring Junior/Senior Etiquette Dinner, and helps students practice their interview techniques during Fall and Spring Mock Interview events.

Additionally, sponsors and participates in events at University of Texas at San Antonio, University of North Texas, Texas Tech University, and Baylor University among others.

Moss also noted that a number of Texas A&M students work part-time at the company’s College Station office.

“At Reynolds, we’ve been fortunate to attract talented individuals across the U.S. and events like these continue to help us select the most qualified candidates for full-time and part-time positions. Moreover, we’re able to help reinforce with students that the employment climate is changing and we are proud to be able to hire recent college graduates to help them begin their careers,” said Moss.

In addition to sponsoring various events, Reynolds has increased its support for young scholars attending colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada. More than 50 merit scholarships, with a combined total of nearly $130,000 were funded by the Reynolds Company Foundation for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Individuals interested in open positions at Reynolds and Reynolds can visit to apply online.

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